Membership/Monthly Meeting

  • Any citizen of the United States of suitable character and interest, in accord with the principals and purpose of this club, may become a member upon paying the annual dues

  • Any member who quits the club and turns in his membership in an unsportsmanlike manner or to the detriment of the club shall not be reconsidered for membership for five (5) years.

  • Membership may be gained by attending a monthly meeting held on the second Thursday starting at 7 p.m. or contacting an officer/trustee of the club. Phone numbers listed on Contact Us Page.






The annual dues of membership in the club shall be recommended by the officers and trustees and voted on by the membership.

The first year membership fee is $100 afterwards a two tier membership shall apply as follows:

  • Tier One - Working members who attend 3 meetings and donate10 hrs. of time    annually: $35.

  • Tier Two - Non-working members: $100 annually.


The annual dues will be paid and a membership card will be issued.

The dues will be collected each year in June.

If a member has not paid his or her dues by July 1st, an initiation fee will be added on to the member’s annual fee.


A members spouse and/or child under 21 still living at home may use the club facilities on a member’s card, provided they are accompanied by the member.


A member may not bring a guest other than their spouse and/or child unless approved by an officer to use the club facilities.

Insurance Liability Waiver

Starting on July 1, 2019 and thereafter any and all individuals using the facilities at Columbiana County Fish and Game will be required to sign an insurance liability waiver.


This is a requirement of the insurance company and is a yearly renewal.


This waiver will be in effect for one year from July 1 to June 30, at which time the form will need to be updated with your signature and date.


Any minors (under 18 years of age) should have their names on the form along with their adult supervisor.


For convenience the date coincides with the due date of your membership renewal, so sign up can and should be done at this time.


For your convenience there is a link INSURANCE LIABILITY WAIVER on the Home page for you to download, print and fill out beforehand or you can obtain one at the time of your membership renewal.


Thank you for your attention in this matter.


One membership equals one vote.

Mandatory attendance at 3 meetings annually (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) to be eligible to vote or to make motions.

Members spouse and/or child do not have a vote at meetings.

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