Constitution and By-Laws


(Revised 4/1/2008)




The name of this organization shall be: "The Columbiana County Fish and Game Protective Association"




  • The purpose of this club is to bring about closer cooperation between farmers, sportsman, National Wildlife service and State conservation division in an effort to increase wildlife.

  • To assist City, County, State and Federal officers enforcement of laws relative to birds, fish and game.

  • To prevent the pollution of water, to prevent malicious destruction of property by hunters and fishermen.

  • To promote a greater feeling of goodwill between sportsmen and owners of property in hunting and fishing and to interest and educate its membership in sportsman-like methods of taking fish and game.




  • Any citizen of the United States of suitable character and interest, in accord with the principals and purpose of this club, may become a member upon paying the annual dues.

  • Any member who quits the club and turns in his/her membership in an unsportsmanlike manner or to the detriment of the club shall not be reconsidered for membership for five (5) years.




  • Officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a board of three Trustees, all of whom shall be elected.

  • Of the three trustees one is for one year, one is for two years and the other is for three years. Thereafter one trustee is elected each year for a three year term.

  • All officers are elected each year.


Qualification of an officer or Trustee


  • In order to be an officer or trustee of the club, a person must be a member in good standing of the club for two years, and must be nominated by the clubs nominating committee.


Nominations and Elections


  • The active members of the club shall elect officers and one trustee at the January meeting
    each year.

  • Election shall be by vote from a list of candidates presented by the nominating committee of the club, and or nominations brought forth at the Nov. or Dec. monthly meeting.

  • A nominating committee of six members: the 3 trustees and the heads of the three committees (trap, rifle and pistol) shall form this committee.

  • The nominating committee shall meet in November each year to discuss candidates and select a list of nominees to be brought to the December meeting for approval.


Officer's duties


  • The president shall preside at all meetings of the club, call special meetings, appoint committees, and generally supervise all activities of the club.

  • The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the president in the president's absence.

  • The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the club, notify the membership of the time and place of meetings, and attend to all other clerical work of the club.

  • The Treasurer shall take charge of all the funds of the club and be responsible for their safekeeping.

    • The Treasurer shall pay all bills which have been approved by the membership or the officers and trustees of the club.

    • The treasurer shall give a report at each meeting detailing expenditures and deposits.

  • Any officer or trustee absent for three consecutive meetings will be reviewed by the officers and trustees for dismissal.

  • The President shall have the right to appoint a replacement for any officer or trustee vacancies, to complete the unexpired term.

  • The officers and trustees shall represent the general membership of the club at all times when the club is not in session. They shall have the right at such times to vote the expenditure of money for the general good of the club.

  • A quorum of at least 4 officers and or trustees must exist for such expenditures. A full report of such expenditures will be given at the next meeting.

  • The officers and trustees will have the power to forfeit or suspend the membership of any member for conduct endangering the welfare, interest, or character of the club, provided the member has a chance to present his defense to the officers and trustees. Such forfeiture or suspension will be for a term to be decided by the officers and trustees depending on the seriousness of the offense.




  • The regular meeting of the club shall be held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

  • Special or extra meetings may be held at the call of the President.

  • A quorum of at least 7 (4 officers or trustees and 3 regular members) must be present to conduct business at the regular meeting.


Order of business


1.) Call to order

2.) Reading of minutes

3.) Treasurers report

4.) Old business

5.) Committee reports

6.) New business

7.) Elections (January)

8.) Adjourn




  • The annual dues of membership in the club shall be recommended by the officers and trustees and voted on by the membership.

  • There will be a two tier membership: One price for those who wish to attend three meetings a year and do 10 hours of work and another price for those who do not.

  • Anyone who purchases a working membership and does not work will be forced to pay the higher price for that year and the following year.

  • Anyone who buys the non-working membership and still wishes to vote at meetings must attend at least 3 meetings a year to be eligible to vote.

  • The annual dues will be paid in June each year and a membership card will be issued.

  • Any new member will be charged an initiation fee and will have to take the higher tier membership the first year.

  • If the new member attends three meetings and preforms 10 hours work he/she will be given the opportunity to buy the lower tier membership in future years.

  • A members spouse and or child under 21 still living at home may use the facilities on a member’s card, providing the children are accompanied by the member.

  • A member may not bring a guest other than their spouse or child unless approved by an officer.

  • A members spouse and child do not have a vote at meetings. One-membership, one-vote.


Life Membership


  • Life membership may be obtained two ways:

    1. First, any member in good standing for 5 years and is 65 years old or older can become a life member by bringing this to the attention of the officers and trustees.

    2. Second, an honorary Life membership may be given to those individuals who have contributed of there time and talents over several years (i.e. officers position for more than 5 years) and is recognized by the officers and trustees as deserving of such.

      • All life members are expected to contribute in any way they can to the betterment of the club.




  • In the event for any reason this organization must be dissolved, all assets will be sold, and all liabilities will be paid.

  • Any money remaining will be divided up equally to all members. Membership will freeze at date of notice.




  • The membership of the club shall be notified that an amendment is to be considered.

  • The secretary will read the amendment at 2 consecutive meetings and then it will be voted on.

  • If a majority, vote to approve the amendment, it will be added to this constitution and by­laws.

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